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Mexico City Tourism Campaign



PROBLEM: Create a single campaign to market Mexico City as a desirable travel destination to two distinct audiences: Mexicans and Norwegians.  

KEY INSIGHTS: More than four-fifths of Mexico's population is at least nominally affiliated with Roman Catholicism. Norwegians have an anti-urban bias and value nature.

SOLUTION: "Vuelve Completo" or "Return Fulfilled" 

See full campaign below.

"Sleeperz" Campaign



PROBLEM: Create a product and a campaign with two different marketing strategies, documenting my creative process along the way. 

KEY INSIGHTS: Sleep deprivation for new parents is a widespread issue. Sleep duration and sleep quality sharply declines with childbirth and and does not recover for up to six years, research shows.  There is no known safe way to induce sleep for infants.  

SOLUTION: Sleeperz: Melatonin-infused diapers. 

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UBER Media Plan

MEDIA PLANNING, DePaul University 


PROBLEM: Create a media plan to increase revenue by 10% in the fiscal year 2020.   

KEY INSIGHTS: About 60% of current Uber users are Millennials and they are spending almost 80% of what baby boomers spend annually. Additionally, Gen Z is 83% more likely to use Uber than the rest of the population. Young Millennials and Gen Z value brands that demonstrate authenticity.

SOLUTION: Create a media plan focused on earned media to foster a lasting relationship with young millennials and Gen Z. 

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LUXBAR Social Campaign



PROBLEM: Create a campaign to generate awareness and increase sales of LUXBAR. 

KEY INSIGHTS: While LUXBAR’s ability to deliver high quality service and food has remained strong, diners have acquired newfound expectations in terms of the overall dining experience. Our phones eat before we do- Customers want food that is aesthetically pleasing with unique prep and presentation. 

SOLUTION: Create a social media campaign that highlights current industry trends. 

See full plan book here