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St. Jude/ALSAC

PROBLEM: Conduct primary research to assess awareness of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: Chicago Region. 

KEY FINDINGS: Young Millennials use social media as main source of information. 86% of Millennials surveyed see themselves becoming regular donors, even if they do not currently have the financial means to. 

SOLUTION: Drive charitable donations by increasing volunteerism, creating emotional engagement, and boosting social media following and interactivity. 

Research Data & Insights, DePaul University

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PROBLEM: Conduct primary research to better understand target audience and assess awareness of LUXBAR. 

KEY FINDINGS: Audience has an overall awareness of LUXBAR but does not know what it's known for. Audience prefers vodka over bourbon, LUXBAR's signature.  

SOLUTION: Create a social media campaign to attract young professionals and highlight what it has to offer beyond bourbon. 

Advertising Campaigns, DePaul University

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PROBLEM: Conduct primary research to understand view on advertising to children, junk food advertising in particular. 

KEY FINDINGS: Audience believes junk food advertising impacts a child's eating habits significantly and marketers have a responsibility to disclose a product's lack of nutritional value. 

Media Planning, DePaul University